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leisures & excursions

Looking for a trip at the sea, sports adventures or the discovery of Mauritius’ culture and nature ?

We are the one to organize your leisures and we offer a wide range of excursions in Mauritius. With Enjoymoris, you will have the best holidays in Mauritius.

Thanks to our services, you will discover the beauty of the lagoon, the culture and the nature of the island.

Enjoymoris is focus on the respect of the environment.
We don’t organize any journeys or activities qich could disturb the nature and animals of our island.

We always make the excursion in a private way.
Thus you will enjoy personal visits according to your personal criterias and in your timing. 

Trip on the sea

In the lagoon, the seascape of Mauritius is wonderful with its coral reef and the lots of small islands.
They are so nice escapes to be lived in the sea.

You will take advantage of so many enjoyments : fishing, boat trip, diving and magical moment on islands. Everything is possible.

In catamaran or speed boat, for relaxation between friends or for romantic and luxurious moment, several trips are waiting for you...

The islands

We offer nice days by the sea. To live in family or between friends, you will feel secured and enjoy our lagoon in the respect of our environment.

  • On the west coast: l'île aux bénitiers and dolphins
  • In the north : l'île plate and ilôt gabriel
  • In the south : Blue bay with its cocktail of islands
  • In the east coast : l'île aux cerfs

The adventures at the sea are always organised on the same way:
Departure for a beautiful cruise on the lagoon will be early in the morning (between 8:30 am and 9:30 am according to the season ).
You will enjoy snorkling and relaxation with the discovery of magnificent fishes.

Throughout the day, drinks and snacks will be served on board.

You will also appreciate the lunch with grills and various mauritian’s salads.

In the afternoom you will be able to enjoy nice walk or nice swim party with your friends before going back at about 4 pm.

Everything is included in our prices : snorkling, music and entertainment, drinks and food.

All these sea trips can be made in catamaran or speed boat.

  • Visit and barbecue on îIe aux Cerfs
  • Discovering île Plate and îlot Gabriel
  • Swim with dolphins and barbecue at île aux Bénitiers
  • Cocktail of islands: Marine Park of Blue Bay and visit the south-east islands

Don’t hesitate to contact us for having your personalized quote.

VIP services, romantic and magical evenings in the lagoon

Don't you want to take advantage of a luxury pleasure on the sea ?

What about having dinner in private and nice boat or appreciate a sunset with a glass of champagne ?

With our catamaran and fast boat, you will enjoy magical trip on the sea and share romantic sunset on the lagoon of Mauritius.

Any wish you have, we will organize your dream in the respect of the environment and you will realize your dreams.

Culture and nature in Mauritius

We organize nice road-trip with professionnal driver.

With enjoymoris, you will discover the culture and the nature of Mauritius at your own rythm.

A personal and flexible road-trip is waiting for you. You will travel throw the island and enjoy secrets and beautiful places of Mauritius.

There are several sites to be discovered and we offer many possibilities for the visits.

According to your taste, the program will be organize.

All our road trip are also possible limousine and luxurious car.

To help you in your choice, you will find here some exemple of visits. Everything is possible and we can arrange the day with your criteria.You can choose one or several destinations.

We are available for help and advise. Don’t hesitate to contact us.

Visit of natural reserve of casela , highlands of the island and the rhum distillery of chamarel

Three nice places to go in the south and west part of Mauritius.
You will discover the lands of Chamarel and their waterfalls, the famous rhum distillery and park of casela.

Chamarel is a very beautiful place with a fantastic landscape, tropical plants, turtle and a wonderfull waterfall.
At the end of this walk, we suggest the visit of the rhum distillery of chamarel.
You shall have your lunch there. 
The visit lasts 20 mn and ends by a tasting of various rhum, a great moment of pleasure !
In the afternoon, your driver may bring you to Casela Park, a nice place for living adventures ! 
It is a very beautiful zoo and you will be able to walk with lions and appreciate birds, monkeys and lots of sport adventures !

The discovery of the North of Mauritius

What about taking one day to discover the north of the island ?
We organise a visit of the famous grapefruit garden and a walk on the very beautiful rocky coast of Cape malheureux.
You will be able to visit its famous Church with red roof and appreciate an authentic landscape. 
You could enjoy this road-trip by following the coast towards grand baie. A lunch on the very attractive croisette of this town and a bath on its lagoon will complete this nice day.

Historic city of Port Louis

Integrate into your plan the famous Port Louis’ market where you will find all the memories of your holidays. 
You will discover the chinese influence in Chinatown, the creole culture with the our nice street food like dholl pouris, hot breads, chilli – cakes.
You can manage your steps towards Caudan Water front: a modern and spacious complex for the shopping.
You will also discover the port of the capital as well as its museums and its magnificent cathedral.

Markets colored of 4-Bornes and Rose Hil

What about appreciate the nice and famous markets of these town...
An authentic moment for appreciate the mauritian way of life !

The Vanilla park

A very beautiful park with tortoises, crocodiles and authentic plants.

The Sega

Discover a show of sega !
We can organize for your family and your friends this fantastic moment of music. Whetherit will take place on the beach in the evening or during the day, you will appreciate the sounds of our instruments and their story. You will enjoy our danse and share a friendly entertainment.

Sports activities

The fishing part

We offer several kind of fishing activities.

Fishing for leisure

A moment inside the lagoon without crossing the coral reef.
You will discover the beauty of the sea and all our different fish in the lagoon.

You will approach the coral reef and by using artificial fish, we will capture fish like Barracouda.

It's a half-day of relaxation ! 
In a traditional way, you will be advised by a local fisherman who will explain all the secrets of this funny fishing.
You can practice several kind of fishing. You will be able to keep all the results of the fishing.

Big-game fishing

We propose to apreciate the big-game fishing which is made by tracking the groups of birds.
The Boat follows the birds to locate the big fishes.
The results of fishing: tuna, sea bream, barracuda, yellow tuna, bonito, becking will be kept by the fisher.

For all this kind of fishing, we offer drinks and all the fishing furnitures. 
If you want, we also order lunch. There is an extra-fee to be settled in the boat.


Willing to dive in open sea with the best diver of our island.

Whether it is for the first time or for enjoying your sport, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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